Right here in Cambridge you can find the Adults in Motion organization that provides in-person programs, supports and virtual programming for people with disabilities and their families. 

Their mission is to build a strong, safe and supportive community for people with disabilities while meeting needs, creating opportunities and inspiring inclusion.  Donations and community support directly benefits a person with a disability at Adults in Motion.  A community’s inclusion and generosity helps create opportunities, enhance life experiences, and provides social and community connections for people with disabilities.  Adults in Motion invites you to get involved and visit us at adultsinmotion.org or our new location at 653 King St E, in downtown Preston.

The generosity of your $2500 donation from Bingo proceeds will not only help us continue to offer quality programming, but it has also helped us feel connected to our community- which doesn’t come easily these days.

Thank you to all those that support the Cambridge Bingo and Gaming Centre that allowed this donation to happen.