The Rotary Club of Cambridge North (RCN) has again contributed to the Fairview Senior’s Community Kindness Trees. This is the third year for the Kindness Trees at Fairview and this is the second year that RCN has contributed gifts to the residents.

The Fairview website states they are: “…a not-for-profit, charitable, faith-based Continuum of Care.” The Fairview community is located at 515 Langs Drive in Cambridge. The website also states: “Fairview is both a home and a community where each person is valued, respected and welcomed. All cultures. All faiths. All financial means.” Since Fairview in inclusive, RCN is keen to support their efforts. More information is available at:

This year, in a repeat to 2020, RCN Rotarian Fred Schiedel led the efforts to purchase 24 gifts for the Kindness Trees. To keep all things warm and fuzzy at Fairview, Rotarian Fred purchased 12 pairs of pajamas and 12 sweaters for the residents. In 2020, Rotarian Fred also purchased pajamas, winter hats, and sweaters for the residents. All of these items came from Mark’s and during both years, where nice discounts were applied. Thanks Mark’s for assisting the Rotary Club of Cambridge North in its support of the Fairview Seniors Community Kindness Trees program.