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President Laureen quickly got the rowdy group in order. Gerry  led the singing of O Canada. Sgt at Arms Jim ,   read the invocation.
Laureen described her challenging route to Collingwood last Friday morning through a blizzard , white out conditions , and closed roads ... They did make it alive , and had fun at the World Snowboard races at Blue Mountain this past weekend . We discussed a bit of US democratic politics , Mayor Blomberg is out now . Also , the Super Hero run will have a new route this May , due to  road construction .

 Sergeant -at-Arms Jim , reported that 19 of 22 members attended today. This gave us a 90 % attendance ! There were no make-ups today and we had no guests or visitors .




Mike  B. was happy today , for his pocket full of change ! Also , he is a leap year baby , and turned 9 years old this past Saturday !! He has a brother who was also born on Feb 29th !!! What unlikely odds .
Doug had a fun night of Bingo This past Tuesday , with Mike B . 
Ken was happy . He was sledding with Sean up north . Had a little fender bender with one of Sean's sleds . 
Jody was happy to attend the meeting today . He is busy with the Titans again this year . The club will try to arrange a social event to attend one of the home games in Kitchener .
Sean was happy he made it to the cottage by sled last Friday in NINE HOURS . He was stuck in snow banks four times  , and walked alot , but finally made it there . 
Dave Thomas also did some sledding at the cottage this weekend . 
Paul W is keeping track of Birthdays and special member announcements. We have only one birthday  in March . Ken D , on March 8th .
Laureen has a new form to fill out if you have a request for money from the club . It will be in the bin when you  check-in at each meeting .
Laureen also informed the club that all members that register before March 31st, for the 2020 District Conference " Together We Succeed " , on May 30th at Bingemans , in Kitchener , will be reimbursed for the registration fee of $ 119.00 . What a great deal !! Please attend this great motivational event ! Lauren is sacrificing a free trip to Hawaii , so we can all attend this event at no cost ! Invite prospective members to attend as well ! After March 31st , the registration cost rises to $ 139.00
We are also looking for a Rotarian to host the summer BBQ . Please let Laureen know if you could host this  event.
We are also trying to find speakers of interest , not just individuals who are looking for money for their causes.
The social committee is planning a date to see the K-W Titans play Basketball at the Kitchener Auditorium , in the coming weeks .
Next week is a brain storming session for new fund raising projects . We will have the regular lunch menu choices . We will try to beef up the Golf Tournament this year , have an evening portion of the golf day , with possible entertainment  . 
The Board decided to donate $ 1000.00 to an 11 year old Cambridge girl requiring a double lung transplant , to cover living expenses . The other two local Rotary clubs did the same .
The club is having an off site meeting  Wed April 29th , at the Idea Exchange Post Office on Water Street downtown Galt . Please bring a guest that day !
We need to follow up with all the guests we brought to the club from the meeting early last December . See if these prospective members would like to join the club . We can have a fireside meeting for them sometime in the spring .
 RYLA is coming up on April 26 to May 1st. If you know anyone between 18 and 26 years who may benefit from this leadership program, please contact Jeff. The meeting will be held in Orangeville.
There was no guest speaker today .
Laureen's Questions!


No questions from Laureen today!

The Draft Bingo Schedule – 2020 – Rotary Club of Cambridge North – TUESDAY @ 6.30pm

Mar 03 - Doug Cameron and Sean Carragher

Mar 10 - Don Daggett and Jeff Matyas

Apr 21 - Dean Fitzgerald and Allan Fox

May 26 - Paul Goetz and Mike Jennings

Jun 02 - Dave Kinder and Ken Denholm

Jul 14 - Gerry Menezes and Larry Olney

Aug 18 - Greg Rawn and Jim Robinson

Sep 29- Fred Schiedel and Dave Thomas

Oct 06 - Laureen Van Groningen and Paul Witmer

Nov 10 - Stephen Witteveen and Peter Ashenhurst

Nov 17 - Mike Bernard and Doug Cameron





The Sgt.‐At‐Arms (SAA) shall mark the attendance sheet, input Guest Names, Visiting Rotarians and Make‐ups submitted by club members, as well as calculate the meeting percentage. You will also give the invocation when requested by the President. At the end of the meeting make sure the Secretary has the “Secretary’s Copy”.

In addition, the SAA shall also fill in the attendance details on the “Bulletin Editor’s Copy” and make sure the editor receives it by the end of the meeting.

The person who is responsible for any Ticket sales shall enter the cash details on the “Treasurer’s Copy”. They shall also collect the Happy Toonies and enter that information on the same sheet. At the end of the meeting they shall give the treasurer the tally sheet along with the cash in an envelope. There is a supply of banker’s envelopes in the tote box.

Date                Sgt-At-Arms    Finance (Happy Toonies etc.)
March 4, 2020 ROBINSON Jim,          BERNARD, Mike
anuary 29. 2020 KINDER, Dave ASHENHURST, Peter February 5, 2020 MATYAS, Jeff
March 11, 2020 SCHIEDEL, Fred         FITZGERALD, Dean
March 18, 2020 THOMAS, Dave         FOX, Allan
March 25, 2020 WITMER, Paul           GOETZ, Paul
April 1, 2020 WITTEVEEN, Stephen    BERNARD, Mike
April 8, 2020 OLNEY, Larry              KINDER, Dave
April 15, 2020 ASHENHURST, Peter   MATYAS, Jeff
April 22, 2020 CAMERON, Douglas   MENEZES, Gerry
April 29, 2020 5th Wednesday of the Month 5th Wednesday of the Month
May 6, 2020 CARRAGHER, Sean       MOORE, Jody
May 13, 2020 DAGGETT, Donald       RAWN, Greg
May 20, 2020 DENHOLM, Ken          ROBINSON, Jim
May 27, 2020 BERNARD, Mike         SCHIEDEL, Fred
June 3, 2020 FITZGERALD, Dean     THOMAS, Dave
June 10, 2020 FOX, Allan                    WITMER, Paul
June 17, 2020 GOETZ, Paul             WITTEVEEN, Stephen
June 24, 2020 JENNINGS, Mike       OLNEY, Larry
anuary 29. 20 20 KINDER, Dave ASHENHURST, Peter February 5, 2020
MATYAS, Jeff CAMERON, Douglas 
March 04 - Jeff Matyas
March 11 – Don Daggett
March 18 - Paul Goetz
March 25 – Dean Fitzgerald
April 01 – Allan Fox
April 08 – Jeff Matyas
April 15 – Don Daggett
April 23 – Paul Goetz (this is a 3 club meeting hosted by PH Club)
April 29 – Dean Fitzgerald (off site meeting at the library)
May 06 – Allan Fox
May 13 –Jeff Matyas
May 20 - Don Daggett
May 27 – Paul Goetz













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