Dave Thomas became a grandfather for the first time on Monday, everything went smoothly and the parents and baby are doing very well. His youngest son will be heading to the Dominican Republic  on Monday for his volunteer work term..
Sean Carragher was happy that his father had a successful hip surgery on Friday, he has now transferred to the North Bay Hospital. Sean also gave a plug for the excellent care at North Bay Hospital.
Larry was happy that his beautiful wife was able to accompany him today. Larry was also happy he was a scrutineer for the Conservative party at the elections. He was stationed at Tapestry Hall in Cambridge. Larry then gave us a primer on being a scrutineer. He did have an interesting experience. He wore a red Rotary shirt, this elicited a complaint from a voter and he was advised to go home and change. Interesting for Larry, a Conservative in a red shirt on election day.
Past President Laureen was happy to announce that her daughter Abby is a member of the Canadian Notional Snowboarding team. She is in Italy now for training, they flew into Sweden and drove to Italy. Abby is the designated driver, this makes Mum very concerned.
Gerry Menezes was a successful water leak investigator. For 17 years he has lived in this home and for 17 years he has been getting a little leak in the basement after a heavy rainfall. Over  the years he  has caulked different areas of the house, the windows, different doors etc . Three weeks ago he finally found the right spot, he is now a leak free man.