The Sgt.‐At‐Arms (SAA) shall mark the attendance sheet, input Guest Names, Visiting Rotarians and Make‐ups submitted by club members, as well as calculate the meeting percentage. You will also give the invocation when requested by the President. At the end of the meeting make sure the Secretary has the “Secretary’s Copy”.

In addition, the SAA shall also fill in the attendance details on the “Bulletin Editor’s Copy” and make sure the editor receives it by the end of the meeting.

The person who is responsible for any Ticket sales shall enter the cash details on the “Treasurer’s Copy”. They shall also collect the Happy Toonies and enter that information on the same sheet. At the end of the meeting they shall give the treasurer the tally sheet along with the cash in an envelope. There is a supply of banker’s envelopes in the tote box.


     Date                             Sgt-At-Arms               Finance (Happy Toonies etc.)
anu9. 2020 KINDER, Dave ASHENHURST, Peter Feby 5,2020               
Nov.3Dave T    
Dec.15Paul G    
Dec.22Mike J